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There are very many “Masters” programmes available in Spain. With very few exceptions, such as MBAs, we strongly recommend only looking at “Official Masters” which can be taken in both Public and Private Universities in Spain.

Some Masters Degrees can be taken in English. However we believe that if you are studying in Spain you should study in Spanish – after all, this is the 2nd business language of the world, spoken as a native language by almost 500 million people. Most students find it relatively easy to learn Spanish to the level of B2 (the absolute minimum necessary to study in a language). For a beginner it can take between 5 and 12 months, depending on each student’s linguistic and cultural background. We believe it is well-worth making this initial effort to learn Spanish and then study in Spanish with Spanish professors teaching in their native language. You do not want to be in the situation when, being interviewed for an international job, you are forced to admit that you studied in English rather than Spanish because it was easier!

Fees for Official Masters at prestigious Public Universities in Spain can be substantially cheaper than in other countries. In 2017, these generally range from around € 1,000 to €3,300 for a 1-year, 60 ECTS, Masters Degree. In addition, living costs in Spain are well known to be very affordable.

So, we firmly recommend you to consider only Official Masters and those taught in Spanish.

Entry to MASTERS Degrees

As long as you already have an Undergraduate Degree, or are about to obtain one, the main area to concentrate on is learning Spanish. You will need to achieve a very good B2 level to be able to successfully study in Spanish from the first moment of your Masters Degree. As most Masters start in October, most students will be able to achieve this level by studying with us from January onwards. This will also enable most students to take the DELE B2 exam which some Universities are requiring of their international students.

As long as you let us know that your objective in studying with us is to access a Masters Degree we can provide you with detailed advice, and, based on your linguistic/cultural background and current level of Spanish, we can advise you on how much Intensive Spanish you will need. Assuming that you will be studying at least 3 months with us we will also help you in the selection of your Masters Degree and with the paperwork required.

Unless you are already fluent in Spanish, we would usually recommend that you start your course with us no later than January. In this way, you will be living in Spain and studying with us in the period of February/March when many Universities have their first pre-inscription deadline, frequently limited to overseas students, and when all the places on Master Degrees are available.

Masters Degrees in Spain

Dates & Fees

Contact us for advice on how to prepare to enter a Masters Degree programme in Spain.
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