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At Malaca Instituto we`ve always believed that immersion backed up by expert teaching is the most effective way to learn Spanish. We achieve our results through integrating our teaching methods with the life-enhancing experience of learning by exploring our culture.

Our exciting activities and excursions are not just a fun extra, they are an integral part of the learning journey. You will have the benefits of immersion by placing you in direct contact with the living language in a fun and exciting way.

By helping you discover the amazing attractions of our country, we provide a focus for practice, discussion and debate, as well as greater insight into a Spanish-speaking culture.

As we have a wide range of different courses with different objectives, our teaching style varies according to the type of course but whatever your ambitions, our immersive courses are designed to help you achieve your goals and enrich your life.

We use an eclectic, integrated method combining many aspects of the communicative approach with structured learning of grammar and syntax, this involves some elements of traditional teaching methods, as well as classroom activities such as language games, pair work and role-plays aimed at developing communicative fluency. Our students are encouraged to speak in Spanish from the very beginning.

Malaca Instituto has three separate but integrated departments responsible for the academic organisation of the school.

• Research and Development: this department is responsible for the creation of our in-house published textbooks and other supplementary materials which are all in a continual process of up-dating.

• Teaching Department: our Director of Studies, helped by a team of coordinators, plans and organises the day-to-day teaching schedule and the rotation of teachers which is one of the distinctive features of the school. Our teachers are lively experts whose role is to motivate and stimulate the participation of all their students.

• Teacher training: a team of teacher-trainers reports to the Director of Studies and is responsible for the in-house teacher training programme and teacher refresher courses.
We hold regular workshops and training sessions for our teachers to keep them up-to-date with the latest ideas and tendencies in the teaching of Spanish.
We also provide courses for non-native-speaker teachers of Spanish.

“I am a teacher and I love learning, I’ve taken part in many different courses in many different
subject areas and this was one of the best (if not the best) in which I have participated. The
methodology and the quality of the teaching are outstanding” Michelle Mossou. USA.

• Exams and certificates: at the end of each course level on our General Spanish course there is an Examination. We encourage all our General Course students to take these Exams as they are an excellent way to reinforce their knowledge and the Certificates of Linguistic Competence which are awarded, based on the results, provide an objective statement of the student’s level of Spanish.


You can now gain your European ECTS (European Academic Credits) by following our Intensive Spanish courses.
In Association with EEA (Association of Spanish Schools in Andalusia), Malaca Instituto has established a partnership agreement with the Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM) whereby you can gain 3 ECTS by completing an A1 leve of Spanish, 6 credits by completing levels A2 or B1 and 9 credits by completing levels B2, C1 or C2.
In collaboration with EEA, this will be administered with the University of Murcia for validation and the issuance of your credits.



Nº of ECTS gained per course/level

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