20 lessons per week + Dance lessons + Activity programme (Only Flamenco Course):

Both courses combine 4 lessons of Intensive Spanish at any level with 2 lessons per day of dance.You may study for 1 or 2 weeks (or combine this with a longer course of Intensive Spanish).

Class times: 8:30 h - 12:30 h everyday. Dance sesion: 16:00 h - 18:00 h (subject to variation).


Andalucía is the cradle of Flamenco – a passionate art form which is one of the key influences of Andalucian culture.

There are 3 areas of flamenco:

• Baile (dance),
• Cante (singing),
• Toque (guitar and rhythm).

We concentrate on teaching dance.This is an introductory programme and aims to teach the steps of the Sevillanas and some other typical Flamenco movements.

We want our students to be able to impress their Spanish friends with their interest in and knowledge of their culture.

Spanish SALSA

In recent years there has been a huge world-wide resurgence of interest in all forms of "latín" dance. This has resulted in a tremendous success for our Spanish courses combined with Salsa and other Latin dance forms. Occasionally you can combine Salsa and Flamenco and enrol for 4 weeks.

The dance classes are for beginners or those with a little knowledge. The Dance Studio “Salón Picasso” has a purpose-built wooden floor, air conditioning, sound system and practice mirrors.

Adjustable partitioning allows lessons to be given in smaller or larger spaces according to need.

Salsa and Sevillana classes continue to be offered once or twice a week as a part of our social standard programme for those who do not want an intensive programme.

Dates & Fees