Gap Years, especially between school and University, can be crucial in personal development and in gaining crucial job-winning skills and CV items. It is always important to be able to show to your future University and potential employers, that this was a year well spent.

This course taken in its entirety will enable you to achieve a C1 level in Spanish and giveyou a valuable overview of Spain’s cultural heritage and life in Spain today. You will also have gained the invaluable experience of having lived in another country, experienced the cultural differences and met people from all over the world.

20 lessons per week: 20 lessons of Intensive Spanish “Term 1”, 10 lessons of Advanced Spanish + 10 lessons of Specifc Module, “Term 2”.

The programme is divided into 2 terms:
• Term 1: General Spanish until you reach the level required to join Term 2 (having completed B2, module 2)
• Term 2: This is a combination of Advanced Spanish plus learning about key items from Spain’s cultural heritage and life in Spain today.

These can include:
Spanish Cinema and The Media, Social/Political Institutions and The Economy, Geography, History, History of Art, Literature, The Spanish way of life o Preparation for DELE B2.

You can take the complete programme, 1 and 2 terms, starting as a beginner in August and studying for 36 weeks:

If you already know some Spanish, you should ask us to send you a level test to assess how much general Spanish you need before Term 2 or whether you can enter directly in Term 2.

• Duration:
Term 1: 16 weeks “Intensive” Spanish.
Term 2: 20 weeks “ 5 Modules Hispanic”.
• Class Times:
Term1: 8:30- 12:30 h “Intensive” Spanish.
Term2: 8:30- 10:30 h “Advanced” Spanish,
10:30- 12:30 h “Specific Module” or
16:00- 20:00 h (subjet to variation).

Term 2 is made up of five 4-week modules starting from January. Again, you can take the complete programme or you can enrol for any of the modules assuming you have the correct level of Spanish (see below).

Content Hispanic Modules

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