30 lessons per week: 20 lessons of Intensive Spanish and 10 lessons of Specific Module Spanish, 50 minutes per lesson. Class times, 8:30- 14:30 h (subject to variation).

The Intensive Spanish lessons enable you to perfect your Spanish at your particular level and move forwards.

Spanish Course for BUSINESS

20+10 lessons Business Spanish.

Malaca Instituto is the ideal School of Spanish for business executives, diplomats and other professional people. In general this type of client comes during the period September through May when the average age of our individual clients is over 35 years. In other words you will find other people here of similar interests and needs.

This is a highly intensive programme made up of a combination of Intensive Spanish (4 lessons per day) and Business Spanish (2 lessons per day).

During the Business Spanish lessons the objective is to improve your ability to communicate in Spanish in typical business situations such as:

• Personal introductions
• Describing a product
• Sales presentations
• Interviews
• Negotiating

The programme is divided into four 1-week modules and requires a minimum level equivalent to having completed B1, module 2 to participate. While a typical Business Spanish client comes for a couple of weeks, some come for longer stays to first attain the minimum level of Spanish required.

If you feel that you need an even more intensive programme you might want to consider a course of 1-1 lessons tailored to your needs or a combination of Intensive Course and 1-1.

Our Business clients especially appreciate the unequalled level, of services and facilities found on our campus and the opportunity to live in appropriate and comfortable accommodation in the school building in our executive room.


20+10 lessons of Commercial Spanish.

This programme is perfect for students, personal assistants and young business people who already have a good level of Spanish and now want to not only improve their Spanish further but also learn about trade and commerce in Spanish.

This is a highly intensive programme made up of a combination of Intensive Spanish (4 lessons per day) and Commercial Spanish (2 lessons per day). The Commercial lessons are taught in a mini-group format with a maximum of 6 per class.

The Commercial Spanish classes aim to teach you the language and basic theories of International Trade and Commerce in Spanis.

They cover items such as:
• Import/export
• Marketing
• The Spanish Banking system
• Freight forwarding
• Customs

The complete programme is of 4 weeks but you can choose to take just 2 weeks. It is only offered on certain dates in the year – see below.

Some of our students will book a longer course of Intensive Spanish in order to attain the entry level for this course: having completed B1.

Dates & Fees