A Spanish course and Internship in a Spanish company offers students the opportunity to gain communicative fluency in Spanish and an invaluable insight into Spanish business mentality and the reality of working practices in Spain. It also enables a student to learn new work skills which will be useful in their working lives.

In other words, an excellent CV item which will set you apart from others in the eyes of your future employers.

These programmes are aimed mainly at students who are taking a break from university or have just completed their studies. In other words, young people who have relevant academic and life skills which will be useful to a hosting company.

To benefit from your Internship, you will need a good level of Spanish – equivalent to having completed our B2. Even if you already have a good level, we require you to take a minimum of 4 weeks Intensive Spanish with us – a time in which we can get to know each other in addition to enabling you to perfect your Spanish.

The minimum Internship period is usually 3 months, to allow you and your host company to get to know each other and benefit from the experience. A typical Spanish + Internship student tends to study around 8 months in Malaga: 4 or 5 months of Spanish followed by 3 or 4 months of Internship.

We have specific staff responsible for the organisation of Internships. Over several years we have built up contacts with companies in Malaga and are confident of providing quality Internships with them across a range of professional fields.


20 lessons per week, min 4 weeks (can be in parallel with first month of Internship).
50 minutes per lesson
Class times: 8:30 - 12:30 h.


Duration min 3 months, non paid.
Entry Level, B2 – this can vary according to type of Internship requested.


Dates & Fees

The first step will be to assess your level of Spanish, test your level here: A1, A2, B1, B2

ERASMUS+ grants for Internship programmes

If you are currently a student at university in Europe you may well be able to apply for an Erasmus+ grant to cover a Spanish + Internship programme. Ask for information.