PON groups

PON Groups

Each year we receive several Italian school groups through the PON programme. Our on-site residence is especially suitable for these groups and with our academic quality and more than 40 years’ experience we feel that we are the ideal partner for this type of programme.

These groups are usually of around 15-20 students accompanied by a couple of teachers and come for 3-4 weeks. The students are usually in the 16-18 age group and tend to need preparation for DELE B1 or B2 as part of their programme with the exam taken at the end of the course (if the course coincides with an Exam date) or in Italy afterwards, if not.


  • Schools: if you want to bring a group of your students to study with us, you shgould contact us and ask for a local study abroad agency or travel agent through whom you can book a programme with us. We understand that there must be a legally established Italian agency involved in the programme.
  • Agents: if you have school groups looking for a serious school which meets all the requirements of the PON programme, you need look no further. Please ask for a quotation.

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