Erasmus + Teachers Courses

Teachers Courses and Erasmus +


After all those school trips with 30 or so teenagers, now there is something just for YOU!

All working teachers and some other key staff in schools and other teaching institutions in Europe can apply for Erasmus+ “mobilities” and take language courses at schools such as Malaca Instituto.

Testimonial from a UK secondary school teacher.

“As a teacher of French and German in the UK, I can appreciate how well-planned and well-structured the lessons were. Everything was excellent – accommodation, staff, lessons, class size. Everyone (all staff) were helpful and friendly, as well as being very professional. I had the most amazing time, thanks to all of the staff (from the cleaners all the way through to the senior academic staff), the facilities and what I felt to be a 'personal touch'. I really liked total immersion in Spanish.”
Helen, Secondary Teacher from York, UK

Funding: the fund covers all aspects of your programme including flights, course, meals and accommodation.

Funding already approved: if you already have funding approved to study in Spain, Malaca Instituto can probably provide a course that meets the stated objectives of your proposal and even if you had already chosen a different course and school, you can change this and study with us.
Choosing your school: as a teacher you will want the best programmes available. Quality and not price should be your main concern. Make sure the school you choose has independent quality labels such as EAQUALS or IALC and at least the Instituto Cervantes.
Types of course eligible:
  • Intensive Spanish courses at all levels 
  • Advanced Spanish plus methodology and/or shadowing
  • Spanish plus cultural activities: eg dance or cookery for teachers from these areas
Typical funding justifications:
  • Switch training: secondary schools with an increasing demand for Spanish can apply for their French teachers to take Spanish language courses.
  • Non-native speaker language teachers: advanced Spanish courses combined with methodology lessons or teacher observations.
  • Language courses for CLIL: teachers of other subjects in bi-lingual, International and IB schools needing to teach their subjects in Spanish.
  • Drama or Dance Teachers: can combine Flamenco or Salsa classes with general Spanish - this gives them enhanced skills and cultural understanding to pass on to their students.
  • Non-teaching staff: any staff involved in international projects, exchanges etc or dealing with multi-cultural/lingual students can justify applying for language courses.  
In 2014, 150,000 teachers and school staff participated in an Erasmus+ funded course abroad. 
This is a fantastic opportunity for teachers and school staff involved in language teaching, international projects or any other activity involving languages to use Erasmus+ funding to gain new skills, refresh and deepen existing skills and gain the overall motivating and culturally enriching experience that is a course at a top language school.
Don’t miss out. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.


Master Class Courses

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University Entrance Examination

At Malaca Instituto we can prepare you to enter Spanish university. Entrance exams (called PAU or Selectividad) can be taken in June. Information is also available in Russian.

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